Trail Shuttle

In the 1990s, students go for excursions (or field trips) to places such as the zoo, complete some questions on hardcopy worksheets, and that's about it.

Fast forward to today, and learning journeys are incorporated into the school curriculum. We see students on learning journeys at various locations. The worksheets have been replaced with 21st-century 'toys', i.e. smartphones, tablets and even game consoles.

But educational technology should not merely be a digital version of worksheets, and technology should empower students to take control of their own learning instead of moulding students into passive content consumers.

And these are the basic premises behind Trail Shuttle –technology should enable students to engage in learning on a deeper level, and technology should 'bring the classroom to the students'.

Trail Shuttle, developed in collaboration with one of the FutureSchool@Singapore, is a dynamic solution that empowers educators to create inquiry-based and problem-based learning contents while, at the same time excite students to learn beyond the classroom.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor learning journeys, Trail Shuttle can be deployed for inter-disciplinary Instructional-Programme (IP) subjects, or non-IP subjects such as National Education, Values and Civics and Moral, Financial Literacy and more.

The customisable and user-friendly web-based toolkit also means that students are no longer handicapped by the one-size-fits-all type of learning, because the same set of leaning contents can be tweaked to suit each student's learning ability, pace and style.

Highlights of Trail Shuttle

  • -Content Creation

    The easy-to-use, wizard-style guide in the Trail Shuttle web-based toolkit empowers,excites and encourages students to be self-directed learners. It equips them to be active content creators instead of passive content consumers. We've made it so fuss-free that you do not need any programming knowledge to create, and publish, a learning trail onto smartphones and tablets.

  • -Augmented Reality (AR)

    Put in simple terms, Augmented Reality (AR) is a layer of virtual information laid over a real-world environment. Trail Shuttle incorporates some AR functions such as AR compass and way-finder, scan card to check in to a location.

  • -Cloud Infrastructure

    Trail Shuttle is hosted on Microsoft’s Windows Azure Cloud, which as 99.95% Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Trail Shuttle comprises the following:

  • Web-based toolkit: for creating the learning journeys and accessing the trail reports;
  • Trail Shuttle app: for students to experience the trails on smartphones and tablets;
  • TS Monitor app: for teachers to monitor students’ progress during the trail.

iPad Rental

Gamification and mobile computing are the buzzwords these days.

All you need to jump on the gmaification bandwagon are play-based learning products and mobile devices.

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iPad Rental Rate

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